photoDownload this free printable “I love my parts”

Looking to have a better body image? Does any of this sound familiar? “If I could just lose 10 pounds…”, “If I didn’t have these love handles…or these wrinkles…or these rolls”…”If I could just get my body back like it was before I had kids…”

That used to be me! I was obsessed with my weight and my size. I thought, “If I could just lose 20 pounds, then I would be happy.” I had so many complaints about myself. I always compared myself to others, I was never happy – UNTIL I did these following tips that changed everything!

Here are some simple steps to a better body image:

1. Ditch the magazines and stop feeding your brain with negative messages tell you to “Lose sizes and wrinkles”! Perfection does not exist! Unless you have a photoshop tool in your makeup brush, you will not achieve the looks you see on those marked up models in magazines. Either stop buying those magazines completely or swap it with more positive and inspiring messages that encourage you to love yourself and follow your dreams.

2. Change the way you measure your results. If you want to measure your transformation progress, stop looking at the numbers! Stop weighing yourself and looking at how many pant sizes you dropped. Instead, base your results on “how good you feel”, “how much stronger you feel”, “how much energy you have”, and “how much better you slept”.

3. Take back your power to define your beauty! Close your eyes and imagine anyone that has criticized or teased your body. Also, imagine all the magazine editors and the people of the fashion industry. Then say to them, “I am taking back my power to define my beauty! You no longer have the power.” Then move on to the next step and start loving your body!

4. Love your parts! Download this free printable called I love my parts and write down all your body parts you have negative thoughts about and then write why you love them. Love your body and parts for what they allow you do to! Your body is your soul’s vehicle, love it for all it does for you! You could write things like, “I love my legs because they carry be through life” or “I love my stretch marks because they remind me that I brought life into the world.”