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A Very Personal Relationship with Food

I struggled with common things like the inability to lose weight and never really ‘felt’ better from eating healthy foods… My relationship with food has been dysfunctional since I started dieting at age 9. I tried every diet in the book and also went as far as restricting food and throwing it up. My clean eating journey… Read More ►

How to Overcome Overwhelm & Transform Your To-Do List

There is nothing like crossing something off your to-do list! The problem is, that doesn’t happen too often as most of us make these lists a mile long piled with stuff we think we “have” to get done. Writing out things in our heads can be beneficial but it can be detrimental if we don’t make… Read More ►

Do Good Deeds

It’s National Do Something Nice Day and I think most of us know that when we do something good for others, we feel good too. In the movie, Scrooge, we see how being kind and giving can completely transform you. There are sooooooooo many health benefits to helping others…reduces stress, can be more effective than… Read More ►

Getting Kids to Listen

This week in Study Breaks, we are working on how to get our kids to listen. Check out this video for what we use at home – click here to watch! (password: KIDS) As I worked on the homework, I was hit with the realization that I have some major work to do in role modeling. I found… Read More ►

Vision Boards for Back to School Success

People keep asking me if I am getting my kids ready to go back to school. Here’s the deal – although I am a life coach and I do my best to model and enforce good habits – the back to school tips out there really don’t get me excited so my kids aren’t going to… Read More ►

Adult Coloring Boosts the Brain

Adult coloring books are the latest craze. The books may be new to store shelves but it’s actually not new at all. Color therapy has been around for a long time. Dr. Carl Jung prescribed it to his patients over a 100 years ago to help them calm their mind. I introduced mandala coloring on… Read More ►

Simple Meditation Tips with Jill Lemke

I never thought I would be giving meditation tips, let alone meditation. I used to be addicted to sleeping pills. I was so addicted that they eventually lost their effect and I would wake up at 4am to take another one. Sleep – it was a foreign thing for me. There is a song by the… Read More ►

Garden Your Way to More Health & Happiness

I was navigating my way through the garden section when suddenly I hear someone scream down the aisle, “Geo! You have a green thumb?” I look up to see my ol’ soccer buddy and reply, “If throwing seeds in some dirt qualifies, then yes I do!” My teammate wasn’t the only one to question my abilities. Here… Read More ►

Get Ready for Summer: A Family Checklist

It’s time to get ready for summer! School is almost out and summer is right around the corner and I have some tips to help you cut through the chaos and make it a smooth summer! Summer Preparation Checklist Empty back packs right away and store away any items that you may need for next… Read More ►

How to Make Meals Last with Dr. Lynn Wagner

Food – it fuels us and connects us However, for most of my clients it is one of their biggest stressors. It overwhelms them and wears them down. I get it, I used to stress about what to make for dinner. I hated grocery shopping and packing lunches. I didn’t know what to eat, make,… Read More ►