A higher education in yourself.

The live course has ended but don’t worry, you can take this course as a self-study! 

The live course has ended but don’t worry, you can take this course as a self-study! 

The next live course starts in January. You can enroll now and do it along with Kerry & her team or purchase the self-study version and do it on your own.

The next live course starts December 7th, 2020. You can enroll now and do it along with Kerry & her team or purchase the self-study version and do it on your own.

Self-Study Courses & Life Coaching Membership

One of my biggest frustrations in my work has been that I can’t reach and help everybody. Sometimes the schedule is full or a class isn’t running. Other times, the client isn’t ready to make time or the investment. This would really bother me and take up a lot of headspace. I thought “How can I help people when there is only one of me? How can I help those who want change but not sure about investing or making time? How do I help current clients maintain their results without creating dependence on me?” 


The solution… Study Breaks!
“Study Breaks are a great tool for taking a weekly assessment of an area of life (behavior, reactions, feelings, perceptions, relationships etc…)
and analyzing it and resetting how we normally operate to a better way.
In the past year it has helped me improve and grow immensely!!
I recommend it for anyone looking to improve their life.”

“Study Breaks have taken me from a negative to a positive mindset in a short period of time in almost every aspect of my life.. The breaks have also given me tools to be happier, offer better ways to respond to negativity of other people around me and to see the brighter side In addition to mental health, Study Breaks also cover your physical health so that you can work to be the happiest and healthiest you’ve ever been!”


“The Study Breaks developed by Brad and Kerry help me hone in on and tweak the little personal annoyances that prevent me from living a joyful and authentic life. The tools and resources provide me with the ability to re-prioritize and center my life in spirituality and love, and the support of amazing people energizes me to continue on this path of health and wellness. “iest you’ve ever been!”


Study Breaks were developed so we could offer a high-value, low-cost option for people ready to start their journey to elevation or maintain what they have started. These self-study courses are mini-life lessons that offer a higher education in yourself in various categories of our Simply Kerry Holistic Tree. These categories include spiritual, self-love, health, purpose, finance, fun, relationships, and romance.
These Study Breaks include a video lesson and a worksheet with activities and challenges for you to implement into your life and make lasting change. 
There are well over 100 Study Break lessons in the library. You can pick and choose which lessons you want to work on or have access to the entire library via our Shining Star membership program.
The Shining Star membership takes your education a step further by offering an interactive membership with access to our entire Simply Kerry Coaching team as well as featured wellness experts. As a Shining Star member, you will receive weekly emails with Study Break lessons and activities on various topics that make up your holistic life.
You will be connected with us in our private coaching group where we will be guiding you throughout the week with live coaching videos, weekly challenges, and accountability. You will see an inside look at how we do life differently and learn how to move through blocks, elevate in life, maintain balance, and find joy.
If you have been a part of any of the Simply Kerry Facebook coaching groups, you can expect the same energy and interactiveness! All the materials will be emailed weekly and you can access the online library at anytime.