I was given gifts to create change. One of them is my voice.


I have been speaking and performing in front of audiences my entire life. I started at a very young age in front of imaginary friends in my basement. It wasn’t too long after that the audience was full of real people and the stages grew. From talent shows and school speeches to keynote talks and TV gigs – my desire to move and motivate people fuels my fire. I love raising the energy in the room and making events memorable. I am passionate about relating to the audience, meeting them where they are at, and giving them tips they can actually leave with and put into action. I am gifted at making people feel comfortable and making it so they “want” to be there instead of feeling like they “have” to be. All my talks are custom designed to meet the specific audience but contain a signature “Simply Kerry” flavor. Whether it’s me flying solo or sharing the stage with my husband, you can count on your audience being entertained, enlightened, and probably a bit emotional – don’t worry, that’s a good thing!

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If you focus on building a business, you will get blocks and struggles. If you focus on building people, you will build the business.  Organizations are only as strong as the people in it.

If profit and productivity is your goal, put your money towards training and team-building rather than marketing because when your team grows, so will your business. My husband and I love working with teams and corporations.

We empower your organization with education and knowledge to help you understand your blocks and barriers and how to bust through them.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the fields of psychology, human relations, and communications, we provide a training that is jam-packed with science-based solutions and effective strategies that are fun and smooth to implement.
Our training’s are customized to meet the needs of your organization and will leave your team with a new sense of energy, motivation, and tools to help improve communication, leadership, service, productivity, and profitability.

 After the great success that was seen with personal coaching it was only logical to bring Kerry and Brad into my business world.  It was an opportunity for my staff to learn a little of what I had been focusing on and to really highlight why we were having some of the struggles we perceived we were having and gave us tools to perform better.  The day spent with Kerry and Brad was very engaging, interactive and really did help myself and my staff grow and move forward as a team. I have since hired them on as our Executive Coaches and they have been an instrumental part of our success.

Becky Krull, DVM

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Media Expert

Since I was 9, I said “I want to be like Oprah”. My dream was to be on TV and help people. It’s a desire I continually pursued my entire life and to this day, I am happy to say that my dream became a reality.

I held positions on the school newspapers, was selected to attend the Washington Journalism Conference in High School, and received my Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism from Marquette University.

I worked as a news producer and reporter for a few years out of college and continued to expand my career in management, marketing, public relations, sales, and entrepreneurship.

Along with the work I do at Simply Kerry, I also am a media expert in a TV segment called “Coaching with Kerry” on WFRV-TV in Green Bay, WI and WSBT-TV in Indiana.

Each week I share tips, tools, and client stories to help motivate and inspire others to make change in their life.

I also enjoy being a guest feature and thought leader for podcasts, webinars, and interviews in the topics of health and wellness, passion and purpose, sports, mindset, grief, relationships, parenting, and entrepreneurship.