Adult coloring books are the latest craze. The books may be new to store shelves but it’s actually not new at all. Color therapy has been around for a long time. Dr. Carl Jung prescribed it to his patients over a 100 years ago to help them calm their mind. I introduced mandala coloring on “Coaching with Kerry” over two years ago because it was something that helped me during my journey. My inner child started to come out of her shell and I experienced some amazing things I never would have guessed would happen. Not only is the activity fun and calming, but it also does wondrous things for the brain!

Here are some ways adult coloring boosts the brain:

It allows you to put all those worries aside and trains you to focus. When you color, you open up your frontal lobe which is responsible for organizing and problem solving.

It also gives your amygdala a break. This is the area that is partly responsible for your fight or flight response that stirs stress and anxiety. With the constant busyness and stimulation in our society, our amygdalas are running in overdrive and coloring is a great way to slow things down and recharge.

The other thing that happens when you color is you ignite both hemispheres of your brain to help tune up your fine motor skills and spark your creativity.

You can get even more benefit from coloring by being deliberate in which colors you choose. Certain colors elicit different feelings and can help you bring more joy in your life. Sign up below to download my free color guide:


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If you haven’t tried coloring and aren’t sure if you want to purchase a whole book yet. You can try these free coloring pages!