Food – it fuels us and connects us

However, for most of my clients it is one of their biggest stressors. It overwhelms them and wears them down.

I get it, I used to stress about what to make for dinner. I hated grocery shopping and packing lunches. I didn’t know what to eat, make, or pack. My kids were picky and complained about meals. We wasted money by eating out and didn’t make the most of the food we did buy. I decided to find some solutions. As you know I like simple, fast, and fun.

Here is a glimpse of what dinner looks like at our house:

I first had to get everyone on board. I started a while back by empowering my kids to pack their own lunches and help with shopping by using the LaLa Lunchbox app. This helped us save money and my kids loved being a part of the process.

I then approached meals with more of a simplistic approach. I don’t need complicated recipes. We usually have a meat/protein of some sort, veggies, healthy grain and a fruit treat. Making dinner has become a family affair and a time we all connect. Everyone gets a job, we put on music and talk about our day.

Then I make the meals last by cooking more food than necessary and preparing for the next day. This has been a game changer in our household helping to keep us all fueled and leaving more time to connect. I partnered up with Dr. Lynn Wagner an Integrative Medicine Physician who specializes in using food as medicine. My family recently completed her two week Food for Fuel program and our results were amazing.

Dr. Wagner has been crucial in helping my family and I change our relationship with food. She has taught us how to listen to our bodies so we can eat mindfully and intuitively. We honor and look forward to our meals together.

Here is Dr. Wagner with some ideas on how you can use dinner leftovers for breakfast and lunch:

kerry-before-after-foodDr. Wagner’s food program completely transformed my family’s relationship with food. It helped bring us together, get comfortable in the kitchen, and empowered my kids to take control of their health. Here is a before and after photo of me.

As you can see, my skin cleared up, I dropped excess weight, I was more energized, slept better, and productivity and concentration improved. Dr. Wagner will be launching her Food for Fuel program in May. The program is two weeks and will help you get back to basics. To be the first to receive information on this program, enter your name on this list.

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