Taking care of ourselves and practicing self-care is too often put on the back burner

So many people take care of everyone else first and then leave nothing for themselves. My clients often feel guilty doing things that are good for them and the reality is, if you aren’t taking care of yourself first than you aren’t doing any favors for anybody.

This holiday season consider giving gifts that encourage relaxation and self-care because these are the things that people don’t buy for themselves. They often justify that they don’t need it or feel guilty purchasing it. Below are some of my favorite zen gifts that I have received or purchased for myself. All of them are part of my self-care routine and keep me fueled so I can be available for myself and others.

I am a Salty Thing

Salt Lamps

I was so thrilled when I finally got my salt lamp. I had talked myself out of it for over a year saying “I don’t really need it”. No I don’t “need” it but I do need the benefits that it gives.

I keep it in my meditation space and then move it near my desk during long computer days. Not only does it look awesome but it helps clean the air, boost mood, lift energy, reduce allergy symptoms, and improve sleep.

This is a gift for anyone! Looks awesome anywhere in the home or office. Find out more about how salt lamps work!

Check out some of the beautiful salt lamps you can get  🙂

Buddha Board

These Buddha Boards have been one of my family’s favorite gifts! We have the big one and the kids have the travel size ones as well.

Kerry and Teya with Buddha Board

All you do is paint on them with water and watch the picture slowly fade away. They are mess free and are perfect for all ages. I keep mine in my office and periodically paint throughout the day and watch the picture fade away.

It is a great way to practice mindfulness and helps me reset and relax. My daughter practices her spelling words on them!

A Buddha board is a great and surprising gift for anyone 🙂

Abundance and Dream Candles

Empowerment Candles

I love my empowerment candles! They have been a great addition to my nightly prayer and reflection time.

I have a number of these candles with different sayings like Dreams, Abundance, Peace, etc. Each night I choose a candle based on my needs and what I need guidance on and I light it.

I breathe and hold the candle and imagine the changes I would like to see in my life. I ask for guidance in that area and then say a prayer.

This is perfect gift for your spiritual friend or family member or someone you love dearly.

Aloha bay candles are my favorite!

Dry Brushes

Dry Brushes for Christmas Gift This is an item that I never would have purchased for myself and I am so happy a dear friend of mine bought these for me. I have a face one as well.

I can’t tell you how awesome they are. I couldn’t believe all the benefits of dry brushing – and I feel them! It helps increase circulation, improve lymph drainage, improve skin tone, and is a stress reliever. Endlessly beneficial!!

It’s pretty invigorating! If giving as a gift, I highly recommend a face and body brush.

Give the gift of invigoration this Christmas 😉

Oil Diffuser

Purple Oil Diffuser I have been using essential oils for quite awhile but just recently gifted myself a diffuser. Minutes after plugging it in I asked, “Why did I wait so long?!”.

I love using lavender oils to relax and help with sleep and having the bedroom infused with lavender was a treat! I slept amazingly!! Here are some benefits of essential oils. A fantastic zen gift for a loved one!!

Angel Cards

Two Sets of Angel Cards Prayer and angel cards have been since a fun addition to my prayer rituals. My husband and kids love them as well. It’s a simple way to reflect and ask for guidance and doesn’t take a lot of time.

All you do is hold the cards and close your eyes and ask for guidance on something. You then shuffle the cards and stop and draw one when you feel it’s time to stop shuffling.

The cards really help me be intentional throughout my day. I carry a deck in my purse so I can get support when needed. My kids absolutely love doing cards at night before bed. Teya loves My Little Prayer Cards but there are some other great card sets for kids. I love cards from Beth MooreDoreen Virtue, and Steven Farmer.

Journal and Reflection Book

Ttwo awesome books A journal and daily reflection book is a wonderful gift for anybody. The “Book of Awakening” and “Affirmations for the Inner Child” are two of my favorites.

I read the inner child affirmations in the morning and Mark Nepo’s reflections at night because he includes a short meditation activity that I like to do before bed. It’s a great way to wrap up the day.

A journal is a meaningful gift that anyone can use to practice gratitude, write out their thoughts and goals, and doodle. Her’s some interesting health benefits of journalling. 

Light Therapy

Kerry with Light Therapy Light Adding Light Therapy to the fall and winter days has made a huge difference in my life. My husband bought another one of these so he can have at his desk at work. We have talked about this often on our TV segments and blogs.

Light therapy is great for anyone during the fall and winter months, especially if you find yourself suffering from the winter blues. This is a higher price gift and is definitely something an individual won’t normally spend money on for themselves so this is a great gift item! Package it up with a cute coffee mug or journal with inspirational sayings.

I sit in front of my light in the morning while drinking my coffee and setting my intentions for the day. This is the one I use!

Coloring Books

Adult Coloring BooksBy now you have probably heard about the latest craze in adult coloring books. I did a lot of “Coaching with Kerry” segments on this.

Coloring mandalas has been one of my favorites ways to relax and tap into my creativity. If you are giving as a gift, I recommend a nice set of colored pencils and case.

The stores are filled these days with a variety of coloring books to choose from. My kids and I carry these with us and keep them in the car so we can color anytime! Check out one of our TV segments below!



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