One of the quickest ways to get where you want is to stop thinking about it.  Just stop and do it. We spend so much time getting ready to live, instead of actually living. We just think and talk about it – ALL THE TIME!  The thoughts about what you want to do are going to keep coming and coming. Next time they come, grab the thought and act on it!  Here’s an example of how I did this the other day.

I was upstairs the other morning and  my 8-year-old son, Elliot, walked in my room with bright, rosy cheeks and smelled of winter. I said, “Were you just outside?!” He replied, “Yes, I went for a run.” Surprised, I replied, “Wow! Nice work, bud!” My husband and daughter came in the room and Elliot said to us, “Guys, the sun is out. It’s awesome out there! Want to go on a family run?” I looked at my husband and within an instant replied, “Yes! Let’s go!”

Do you think I wanted to go? Absolutely not! Are you kidding? We have been living in a polar vortex for months. It was freezing outside and I was just fine still hanging in my pajamas enjoying the warmth of my house. Did I want to go for a run?! Hell, no!

But I went. And it was awesome. It took just a few minutes to adjust to the cold air. The sun was shining down on us and here was  my entire family running around the snowy, icy streets of our neighborhood. We laughed, smiled, raced, and broke a sweat.

When we returned home, the energy in our house was elevated to a new level. It was the most incredible way to start our day. And it all happened because I DIDN’T THINK ABOUT IT!

The next time you think about doing something good for yourself, don’t think longer than a second. When the thought comes, act. If you say, “I need a workout” put the gym shoes on and or do 25 jumping jacks. When you say, “I shouldn’t eat this” then don’t. Put it back and grab something healthier and don’t give it another thought. When you think about how long it has been since you talked to a friend or family member, pick up the phone. When you need to make a change, just start!

Your excuse for not having time is no longer acceptable because for as many times as you thought about doing something you could have had it done already.