When I set out for health and happiness, one of the places I started was my home. I did a lot of research on the effects color has on your mood. So if you are looking to have a happy home, here are some tips and things to keep in mind when adding color to your life.

Lets raise the roof with some RED!!! If you want to get some good energy going for your get togethers, red is a great color for that. Red is a great for the living and dining rooms as it can create a feeling of excitement and stimulate fun conversation. I remember in my first house, my husband and I had a bright red accent wall filled with black and white photos and it was a great eye catcher. It made a bold first impression when you walk into the house. Red can help get the adrenaline going so it would also be good for a workout room.

Orange is another great color for a workout room or a gathering area like the dining room or kitchen. Orange definitely increases energy levels so I would stay away from it for bedrooms and chill areas.

Yellow is a great color to bring in some sunshine. It is often referred to as a “happy” color. It is recommended for kitchen areas. My kitchen, hallways, and entry ways are yellow and it creates a wonderful welcoming flow throughout the house.

We recently painted our bedroom green and it created an incredible serene feel to it. When you walk in, you feel the need to unwind and relax. Green can be used for any room to create a “chill out” mood and help to relieve stress.

Blue is considered calming and relaxing which is why you often see it in cottages and on beach vacations. We redid our son’s room with blues, greys, and pops of yellow and you definitely get a comforting feeling in his room. Blue is said to help bring down blood pressure and slow down your heart rate.

Purple in light shades can have a similar effect as the blue tones. My sister-in-law recently did her baby nursery with light purple and it is incredibly peaceful. Darker purples are way more dramatic and rich looking. You will often seen these colors in dining rooms to give a more sophisticated feel.