Change your life

You can start changing your life by answering one simple question. It’s the first step. Asking it is easy and answering it also pretty easy. Following through is the hardest part. But today, let’s not focus on that. Let’s just focus on the question. The question that gets to the bottom of it all. I challenge you to actually take 5 minutes today and pick up a pen and answer this question. I dare you.

What’s funny is so many people will read this and not do it. They will read it and think it is ridiculous. They will say, “I don’t have time”, “That’s stupid”, ” I can’t do whatever I write anyway.” Hmmmmm……well, I beg to differ because I am now doing exactly what I wrote down and I have clients that can share some amazing stories as well.

So…here is your task today: FINISH THIS SENTENCE:

If I wasn’t afraid and time and money weren’t an issue I would ___________________

Pick up a pen or start typing. Just write everything that comes to mind. EVERYTHING! Write until nothing comes to mind anymore. When you aren’t afraid your true self will come through.

Remember, money isn’t an issue, you have all the time in the world, pleasing other people isn’t a factor, and fear does not stand in the way. Imagine you have all the support in the world…just WRITE IT ALL DOWN!!

Think about everything in your life…marriage, values, career, health, fun, finances, spirituality, relationships, and service.

When you are done, read and reread. Then make friends with your authentic self.

Tomorrow do one thing that gets you closer to something on that list.

That’s how you start – Start Simple!