I have a list of words and phrases I recommend people remove from their vocabulary if they want some peace and happiness. The words just scream negativity. Actually, they CREATE problems that don’t even exist. So the simplest rule is to JUST STOP SAYING THEM. Just don’t even let them come out of your mouth. Once they start rolling off your tongue – bite the crap out of it! This is how quickly two little words can ruin everything…

One of my clients is making HUGE strides. Big leaps! The changes she is making are incredible. She has found her true self and during a recent session she discovered her passion and purpose. Listening to the excitement and energy in her voice when she talked about what she wanted to do was remarkable. She had found the light. She discovered why she was here. She was ready to start living. It was time to share her gifts with the world!

BUT then something happened. She woke up one morning and said, “What if?”

She panicked. She closed her heart and her head took over. Thoughts starting racing and they all started with, “What if”. “What if I fail?” “What if I can’t make a living?” “What if people don’t support me?” “What if I am making a mistake?” “What if I can’t do it?” “What if I can’t support myself?” “What if I am not strong enough?”

Those two little words were able to stomp on all the progress she had made. Those two little words can make you crazy. Don’t say them. When you say them, you give up control of your life. You create problems and scenarios that don’t exist. You sit paralyzed by fear. You believe that other things have to happen in order for you to follow your path. You believe other people have to like you and support you.

When you say “What if”, you hand over the power of defining your own life and happiness. You are not operating from your authentic self. You are not trusting yourself and your Higher power. You control your own happiness. You define your worth.  If you can’t remove these words from your vocabulary, try changing what comes after them. Instead of saying, “What if I fail?” say “What if I succeed?”