So many of us stress over finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift. What we don’t realize is that we already have the perfect gift – OURSELVES. The commercialization of these holidays can really pull us away from what matters. This holiday, think about how you can give yourself to your mom through time, experiences, and acts of service. Below are some ideas that you can do that will make lasting memories and bring you back to what matters.

Ideas for Spending Time Not Money

  1. Ask her to teach you something (How to cook, knit, play her favorite card game, etc)
  2. Teach her something (ex: How to skype)
  3. Go through photo albums or watch home movies
  4. Do her favorite activity with her
  5. Go to the park or on a hike
  6. Cook or bake together
  7. Get crafty together
  8. Have a movie night
  9. Help in the garden
  10. The whole family together

Ideas for Experiences

  1. Go the nursery and pick out plants and flowers together
  2. Have a spa day
  3. Paint or do pottery together
  4. Go to the theater
  5. Charity walk
  6. Volunteer together
  7. Lunch or dinner date
  8. Wine tasting tour
  9. Take a class together
  10. Go on a getaway or excursion

Ideas for Meaningful Gifts

  1. Jolly Jar – fill the jar with loving messages, memories, or gratitude statements that she can pick throughout the year
  2. Memory or photo book
  3. CD with fun, happy songs
  4. Handmade card
  5. Call or Skype and tell her how much you love her
  6. Seeds to grow a beautiful plant symbolic of your love
  7. Write a poem
  8. Garden stone
  9. Journal with loving messages
  10. Adopt a tree or star in her name

Ideas for Gifts of Service

  1. Clean her house
  2. Wash her car
  3. Run errands for her
  4. Organize closets, basement, photos, garage, etc.
  5. Make meals for the week
  6. Yard or house work
  7. Make them breakfast or bring them lunch
  8. Fix things
  9. Get their car service and fill up the tank
  10. Buy a houses cleaning service