The Human Body App

Teaching kids about their body is so important. When I started making healthy changes at home, my kids were not very receptive. I mean, what kid would be after their mom takes away sugar-filled, artificial food and replaces it with home-grown goodies? Okay they weren’t home grown, but they came from the ground. (Someday I will have more own garden). We can’t expect our kids to understand why they should eat healthy when a lot of us adults don’t understand ourselves. When I went off medications, I did a lot of research about the food I was eating and the effect it was having on my body. I had heard many times all the reasons I should eat healthy, yet it didn’t hit home for me until I learned about my body and felt the effects myself. I am a very hands-on learner, so it took me seeing and feeling it to get it.

I was so tired of being the nagging mom. Always telling my kids to eat healthy, brush their teeth, get exercise, etc. I thought, there has to be a better way to teach my kids to make healthy choices. I feel that there is not enough learning about the most important subject – OURSELVES!  That is why the app, The Human Body by Tinybop is so awesome! It is an interactive model of the body. Every part is animated and interactive: the heart beats, guts gurgle, lungs breathe, the skin feels, and eyes see. Kids can see what happens to food after they put it in their mouth, what happens to teeth when you don’t brush them, and how our muscles move. The app doesn’t come with instructions, so it takes some exploring to find all the cool features but I think that is what is neat because it forces you to really dig into it.

Check out the app in action!

On today’s “Media Mom”, my son Elliot shows us what happens to the food we eat…YES he says the word “POOP”! LOL

Here are some screenshots from the app!

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The app is available in itunes for the iphone and ipad. It is FREE this week only.