We’re talking Halloween safety tips along with other free online games for kids on “Media Mom” on Local Five Live, a CBS affiliate.

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“Halloween safety and Fun”

I was on the fence about featuring these tracking apps today. At what point are we being too paranoid as parents? When I was a kid, I remember trick-or-treating until all hours of the night. We would run all over the neighborhood until dark. Unfortunately, the world we live in is so much different. My kids are too young to trick-or-treat by themselves but I spoke with some friends that have children venturing out this year for the first time on their own and my friends say they would definitely use these tracking apps to bring them peace of mind.

So I decided to feature some of these GPS tracking apps that are not only available for tracking your ghosts and goblins but they can also be used after the holiday. I also feature a website that has some free halloween games for your kids. Check out today’s segment of Media Mom. Below are the links to the sites:



Track n’ Treat

Family GPS

Trick or Tracker

Free Online Games (www.abcya.com)