The other day I asked my son what he learned in school and without looking up from his ipod he replied, “Nothing”. I thought, “Okay, you are 8 years old. The “nothing” answers are not supposed to come until you are a teenager! My husband and I have also made the mistake of allowing our kids to bring their ipods into a restaurant and the next thing you know no one is talking to each other. Everyone is on their little electronic device in their own their world as life goes on around them. One time, we decided to leave all devices in the car and I was amazed at how difficult it was to have a family conversation. So I set out to find something that would help us get that connection back. I found a great app that helped get us back on track, my kids are loving it! Check out this week’s “Media Mom” segment to see what it is:

Note: This app is $1.99. I mention in the segment that it is free…oops! Sorry about that!