Wake up Happy

Trouble getting some decent shut-eye? Waking up cranky? You aren’t alone, millions of people suffer the same issue: they want to wake up happy! It’s easy with a little discipline…

I’ve worked with countless people from all walks of life who share one thing in common: they want to know ways in which they can wake up happy, every day. It’s frustrating, I get that.  I give them similar advice each time, therefore, writing this post will be a great place to send them (of course, if you have underlying issues that are causing insomnia or you are experiencing depression, you may contact me for further advice here).

Statistically, mornings are the time where your brain and body functions at it’s best, it’s a great time to battle important work related tasks. But if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you are wasting all that energy on negative vibes that are detrimental the rest of your day.

Hack your morning happiness with a night-time (rest routine) and morning (sunrise schedule) routine that goes something like this:

Rest Routine

Plan Ahead

Whether it’s making a to-do list, setting out your clothes, or packing your lunch for the next day, planning ahead can really make a difference in the morning. The less you have to do the in the morning, the more time you can spend on yourself and eliminate stressful starts.

Write Worries

When racing thoughts are taking over, you need to grab a pen and slow things down. I often write down a list of all the things that I am thinking or worrying about. Then I ask, “Can I do anything about any of these in this moment?”

Sometimes I write things like ‘put laundry away’ and then I’ll take five minutes and do it. Otherwise, I make a list for the next day and then imagine all the rest of my worries floating away on clouds. The simple act of writing them out will help move them out of your head.

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength. ― Corrie ten Boom via @kerrygeo – Click to Tweet This Quote!

Refection Routine

Set a routine for your nightly reflection. I read a nightly affirmation and then write 3-5 positive thoughts or gratitude statements before I rest my head for the night. You can incorporate stretches, lighting a candle, or relaxing music. Make sure you eliminate electronics to help your body to shut down.

Adopt a ‘Can’t Wait’ Attitude

Write down something you are excited about the next day. I learned this from my daughter. She is always excited about something in life, however, I wanted to know why it is so easy for kids to jump out of bed in the morning.

My daughter always tells me at bedtime what she can’t wait for the next day. In the morning, she pops up and says it again. I started doing this myself and it makes such a difference. Whether it’s “I can’t wait to see my family” or “I can’t wait to move my body tomorrow”…write it down or reflect on it as you go to bed.

Get Excited to Dream & Document

There is something really exciting that happens when we sleep. Our unconscious mind is unleashed and magic can happen. The unconscious stores our intuition and our dreams can help us tap into a higher part of us. Set an intention to try to remember your dreams and write down whatever you remember in the morning.

The key is not to move much when you first wake up. Just grab a journal and remember what you can. I have received so many awesome messages in my dreams that have helped me on my journey. Start getting excited about dreaming and you can develop healthier sleeping patterns.

Sunrise Schedule

Welcoming Wake-Up Call

Change your alarm to fun music and set some affirmations to your alarms throughout the day. Think about what we do when an alarm goes off…we plug our ears, hit snooze, etc. We have been programmed to hate alarms, so make yours fun and exciting.

Drink Warm Lemon Water

Drink this first thing in the morning when you wake up to get you going. You just went about 8 hours without water and this is the best way to start your engine in the morning. The lemon will help prepare your digestive system for you upcoming meals and the warm water won’t shock your system.

Let in The Light

Open those windows and get some light in! Natural daylight will help get you going and raise the energy in your room. If you live like, in Alaska or don’t have morning sunlight reaching your windows, you can even wake up to a dawn simulator like I have to mimic the morning sunrise. The Verilux rise and shine range is  really amazing and I totally can vouch for it.

Turn up The Tunes

Music is my medicine and if you want a guaranteed good start to your day, crank up some tunes! I have a morning playlist with happy, inspiring songs that get my family and I ready for the day ahead.

Make a Movement Rule

Movement is my preferred medicine and incorporating 5-10 minutes of moving my body into my morning routine has been the best way to get me going. Sometimes I walk around the block, jog up and down the stairs, or jump on the mini trampoline. I make a rule that I can’t start a project or leave the house until I have moved so sometimes it is just a few minutes but it gets me going.

No excuses! These are all super easy and simple to implement right away. Keep them up and turn them into good habits. I guarantee you good starts and wish you health and happiness always.