Survive the holidays with these simple tips this year!
1. Schedule Self-care

It is way too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Yes, we all have family to see and things to do but make sure to SCHEDULE time to take care of yourself.  Before you go to family functions, take some time to move your body. Make a plan for some scheduled time-outs so you can reset and ground yourself. The holidays can be very overwhelming when you are with a lot of people with a lot of different energies in a short amount of time. It is so essential to be aware of this. When I go to family events, I always move my body and meditate before hand. If I am going to be somewhere for longer periods of time, I make plans to fit self-care in as well. Whether it is going for a walk, running quick errands to get a break, or finding a quiet place to recenter. The more you invest in yourself – the more you will be able to enjoy the season and your family.

2. Say No

It’s ok to say no to christmas parties and family events. I repeat…It is OK to say NO! If people don’t like it, that is not your issue. Yes, the holidays are a time to be with people we love but if its at the expense of your health and your joy, then it’s time to rethink the calendar.

3. Ask yourself “Is this bringing me joy”?

If you are feeling overwhelmed and indecisive, then stop and ask yourself, “Is this bringing me joy?” Whether it’s deciding to attend a party, spend money, or bake cookies…if you stop and ask if it will bring you joy and it doesn’t, why are you doing it? So often, we do things during the holidays that aren’t even for ourselves. Yes, it’s the spirit of giving but if it is not giving you joy then cross it off your list. If you dread baking cookies, stop doing it. If you feel like you “should” attend a party, then rethink your RSVP, etc.  Sometimes there are events that we may have to attend that we aren’t excited about but asking this question can help eliminate things that are robbing us of joy and help us put shift our mindset to a more positive one.

4. Drop expectations

So often we either host family get togethers — or go to them — with an expectation of how everything SHOULD go…even down to how everyone else should act. Lose the expectation of the perfect family gathering. IT DOES NOT EXIST! The minute you drop this expectation, you can spend your energy on just letting go and being present. Focus on loving what is and appreciate who you have in your life and you can experience the true meaning of the holidays.

5. Random acts of kindness

Pepper in some random acts of kindness. Recognize others may be struggling during this time. You can reach out to family, friends or strangers. When you do good for others, you will feel good too.