brad screaming

If you are stuck in a rut, down, or stressed…here is a quick solution to get out fast!

The holidays are right around the corner and you have no time to be stressing and wallowing in your sorrows. I vowed this year to not let the holiday stress and hecticness get to me but it just crept right in on me the other day. Yep, smacked me so hard right in the face. I have been mindfully trying not to “create” stress. Even though the list of gifts I still need to buy keeps getting longer, the calendar keeps getting fuller, the house keeps getting messier, and my thoughts keep racing faster…I have been handling it all pretty well…that is until I made the big mistake of looking at my website and online analytics. These are the reports that tell me if people are finding my website, reading my posts, and are interested in what I have to say.

You see, my business “worth” is defined by “likes” “shares” “opens” “comments” “tweets” “mentions” and “clicks”. I have a lot of confidence, I love who I am, and I have pretty much mastered positive self-talk and affirmations. I am filled with a boatload of joy but let me tell you how fast social media can suck that joy right out of you.  There has been a recent trend that past few days as the holidays approach…people aren’t “liking” and don’t have time for “clicking”. Can I blame them? I haven’t had much internet time either, except when I am scrambling to get things ordered and delivered in time to get under the tree.

So the statistics and reports were just eating at me. I spun out into this ridiculous “pity me” frenzy. These are the thoughts that flew around my head…”I am sucking” “What am I doing wrong?” “Maybe this was a bad idea?” “Why don’t people like me?” “My writing isn’t good enough”…As the tailspin got longer and faster, I quickly said “Okay enough already!” I laced up my shoes and did some hard-core cardio. It helped, but still not enough. I was still stuck on, “What am I doing wrong?” Then I decided to phone a friend who gets it. My friend Todd Lohenry, of Living Business is an all-things online guru and he pretty much told me to not look at any reports between Thanksgiving and New Years. He gave me some incredible business advice, told me what to focus on, and simply closed our session by telling me to “Stop It!”! He then told me to watch this video.

This video is absolute brilliance and who doesn’t love Bob Newhart? You should bookmark this video so you have it handy when you start quickly falling down the negative thinking sinkhole. Once you fall in the sinkhole, it makes getting out a lot harder.