Everyone Needs Time Alone in The WoodsYou may be asking, “What’s alone time?” If you are, then keep reading because it’s something you absolutely need to get in your life ASAP!

Getting some “me time” in your day is essential to your health. I know, I know…I used to say it too, “I don’t have time,” “It’s not possible,” “There is just no way,” “I have kids and work full-time”…I have said it all and heard it all.

Guess what? I have some simple solutions for how to get some quiet time throughout your day so it’s just you, yourself, and you! First, let me tell you what a little alone time will give you. Here are three important things that all start with the letter A:

1. Answers

Alone time gives you answers. Really good ones too! The day-to-day hustle and bustle can get in the way of us stopping and listening to ourselves. When we are constantly going from activity to activity and talking to all those around us, we never get a chance to hear the opinion of the most important person – ourself.

You will often find that when you are alone, you are able to quiet the noise around you and go inward. Alone time allows for you to think on a deeper level and really sit in your thoughts and decisions. You will also be able to connect better spiritually. I often get answers and inspiration on my walks and runs outsides. Sometimes I am shocked by what comes to me…it’s almost as if it comes from my divine guidance.

2. Appreciation

Alone time provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our life and appreciate what we have. So often when I am by myself, it gives me time to recharge and reflect. When we are with people all the time it is difficult at times to express our gratitude and appreciation. A lot of people and energy can often trigger us and we can take things out on those around us. By stepping away, you can get clearer and see how blessed you are.

3. Attitude Adjustment

Anytime I am alone, I definitely get a shift in perspective. It’s one of the best ways to get an adjustment in your attitude. It recharges the batteries, lifts the level on the happy meter, and raises your energy vibration. It’s impossible to be happy and positive all the time. We need to be practicing self-care and making time for yourself is essential.

Now I know you may be wondering, “How in the hell am I supposed to get this wonderful alone time you are speaking of?” Well, don’t worry. I have some tips for you and sometimes that means getting creative.

Tips to get some Me-Time:

Shut the Door

Remember those signs we used to put on our bedroom doors as kids that said, “Keep Out”? Well, that’s exactly what you do. Close the door and lock it. Put a sign on it that says, “Please do not disturb”. Doors and locks are there for a reason. There is nothing wrong with shutting the door and taking some time for the self. Make sure you communicate to others what you are  doing so they don’t get offended or are worried about you. Simply say that you need to take some time to recharge and relax so you can be available to them.

Wake Up Earlier

This is my strategy. If you want more time, wake up earlier so you have some. I love getting up before the rest of the family. Even if it is 5-10 minutes. I usually get up, take a walk around the block, make my coffee, and read a daily reflection. By that time, I am energized and ready for the rest of the lovely people in my life. This is a great way to start the day with the most important person – YOU.

Use Your Lunch

Lunchtime is a great way to get some time for yourself. One of my clients takes a blanket and has a picnic with herself outside her office. Yes, it is wonderful to be with people all the time but it’s also wonderful to have some peace and quiet. Eat mindfully and slowly. Take notice of things around you. Ditch your phone and listen to nature.

Schedule it

Get out the calendar and schedule a solitude appointment right now. Take a soul stroll or meditate in the morning. Whatever it is, put it on the calendar so it becomes a part of your day and is honored as such. I find when things are on the calendar, I stick to them and honor them.

Make it a Group Thing

Wait, this is supposed to be alone time thought? Yes, it is but you may have a bunch of other people in your home that are effected by what you do so that’s why you may need to include them. At our house, we schedule “Quiet Time”. This means everyone goes to their rooms or space of choice for some scheduled time out. My kids have “Quiet Boxes” where they can choose activities for independent play. Sometimes they listen to guided meditation, color, play legos, rest, or read. Making it a family thing has been rather awesome for my fam.

Arrive Early

When I can’t get a big chunk of “me-time” in, this is how I fit it in through my day. I add “buffer” time to my appointments and places I need to be. I arrive to pick up the kids 10 minutes earlier so I can walk around the block or sit in silence on a bench. These are great recharge minutes that can add so much to your day.

Don’t Multitask

If you are going and going…at least try just doing one thing at a time. Don’t talk on the phone while making dinner, don’t watch TV while folding laundry, don’t pay bills while helping with homework, and don’t exercise with distractions. These are great ways to steal alone time moments and get back to the present. This is how you practice mindfulness.

alone time spacesWhen you cook, really cook. Smell the food, notice yourself stirring the food, and taste it. When you move and exercise, feel your body moving and notice how good it feels. Multitasking seems like a great way to get things done but it pulls you away from really being where you need to be, which is the present.


Here are a few snapshots of my own and some clients ‘alone time’ spaces, where do you go when you need to be alone??


Need some inspiration for some “Me-Time” Spaces or want to share your space? Check out my Pinterest board or head to my Facebook page to upload a photo of yours!