Healthy and easy way to plan meals for kids lunch

Okay parents let me know if you can relate. Here are 3 things that really annoy me:

Annoyance #1: Packing kids’ lunches

This is so frustrating. I try to be all super mom and buy healthy, yummy foods and customize each child’s lunchbox to their liking and then when they come home I find that they barely ate any of it! Seriously!? Do you know how much motherly love, time, and effort I put into that brown bag of yours!? And then my kids complain because they didn’t like what was in their lunch? What?! Everything in there is stuff that you like? Apparently not on that day! This was happening so much that there were times I just said screw it and let them have hot lunch. Our school actually has a pretty good hot lunch selection but my kids were conveniently passing by the fruit and salad bar.

Annoyance #2: Meal planning for the week

This is so hard, especially when you have four very different eaters in your house! I have found that meal planning is a life-saver though if you take the time to do it. Our lives have become so over-scheduled and chaotic that the only way I can get my family together around the dinner table is if I have it planned ahead of time. So I use a meal-planning app for dinners, what can I do so I am not pulling my hair out over kids’ lunches.

Annoyance #3: Grocery shopping, especially with kids!

I hate grocery shopping. I would rather go to the dentist. Wait that isn’t a good analogy because my dentist is my father-in-law and he rules. I would rather clean toilets. Grocery shopping is very overwhelming for me. I suck at it. I buy too much produce and it goes bad before we get a chance to eat it. I am not very good at shopping on a dime and if I go to the store when I am hungry then all hell breaks loose.

So I bring you…LA LA LUNCHBOX to the rescue! The BEST SOLUTION ever!

Meal planning for kids made so much more efficient!

I seriously love this app!

La La Lunchbox is a meal planning app where kids can virtually make their lunches for the week and then it populates a grocery list for you based on what they selected. You can manage the foods they can choose from and even customize it by uploading their favorite recipes. My kids love that they now get a say in what they get to eat and I still have some control because I can manage what they choose from. It saves me money at the grocery store because I am only buying what they select. For example, 2 apples instead of 6 or 1 banana instead of a whole bunch. The app reminds me on the weekend to have the kids make their lunches and then we head to the grocery store! And the fun doesn’t stop there…grocery shopping just got so much better because my kids get their own cart, along with my phone with their grocery list on it. They do their shopping and I do mine. I didn’t get any, “Mom can I have this? Can I have that?”…they were so focused on their list they forgot to beg for treats. The kids enjoyed it so much they even made their own lunches! Check out the video to see how it works!

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