Need something to do when it’s cold outside beside complain? Here are 50 ideas that will make you feel good and help you appreciate the weather:


  1. Disconnect from electronics
  2. Declutter and get organized
  3. Tackle a junk drawer
  4. Go through clothes
  5. Redecorate or rearrange a room
  6. Watch home movies
  7. Go through old photos
  8. Organize photos and make albums
  9. Write a letter
  10. Catch up with a friend or family member
  11. Play spa with your kids
  12. Treat yourself to a bath
  13. Download and listen to a guided meditation
  14. Make a vision board or bucket list
  15. Warm up under the hot laundry
  16. Play restaurant
  17. Try a new recipe
  18. Bake goodies for people
  19. Start a home workout program
  20. Get tax stuff ready
  21. File stuff that’s been piling up
  22. Watch a documentary or feel-good movie
  23. Read a book
  24. Make a meal plan
  25. Family game night
  26. Make a fort
  27. Heat blankets in dryer and cuddle
  28. Make a hot chocolate or tea bar
  29. Make a fire and smores
  30. Set up an indoor theater
  31. Take a nap!
  32. Get crafty
  33. Make a new playlist
  34. Dance and then dance more!
  35. Hide and seek
  36. Indoor scavenger hunt
  37. Indoor obstacle course
  38. Paint a room
  39. Paint or refurbish furniture
  40. Host a meal or clothing swap
  41. Make a budget
  42. Knit a scarf
  43. Make soup
  44. Pretend its summer, wear swimsuits and play with kinetic sand
  45. Fill kidding pool with balls in living room
  46. Skype or FaceTime with a loved one
  47. Send flowers to someone
  48. Sell stuff online
  49. Write a list of positive thoughts
  50. Start a gratitude journal