Family fun is ALWAYS at the top of my mind. I am a kid at heart and I truly believe that just because we grow bigger and older, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to have fun anymore. We all play various roles in our families and you could say mine is finding fun things to do. So in the spirit of the holiday this week, I was surfing the net for some fun ideas we could do with family this Thanksgiving. I specifically was looking for dinner table ideas because it would be easy to coordinate with everyone gathered around at the same time.

Check out this Coaching with Kerry segment on Local 5 Live and you can see the ideas in action. I tested them out. Below are links and directions:

Turkey Talk Family Fun Game

I loved this idea from Dixie Delights! She started a new family tradition called “Turkey Talk”. You put a list of questions in a bowl and pass them around. You pick your questions, read it aloud, and answer it. She states that, “sometimes the people you are closest to are the people you know the least about.” I couldn’t agree more. What a cool way to get people to open and up and spark conversation about things that matter. I can’t wait to learn more about my family. Click here for some question ideas: 

download (2)

Source: Dixie Delights



 Table Tap Game

If eating turkey makes you tired, you may want to play this game first! Here is a great way to add some coordination, concentration, and some laughs to your meal. The game is called Hand Tap-Double Tap and it comes from Heather Johnson of Family Valley. Click here for the directions, this looks so much fun!


Source: Idea Room

Source: Idea Room


Guessing Game

When I read, “This game comes with a warning.  You will laugh.  Hard.” You can bet I am in! This is a guessing game with some twists in it and from what it sounds like, it can get interesting! All it takes is some celebrity names in a bowl, your thinking caps, and quick reflexes! Check out the description here from Shannon at Red Headed Hostess.

family game 1 013

Source: Red Headed Hostess