Overcoming Fears and Following Your Dreams

Overcoming fear and following your dreams can be difficult when there are a bunch of roadblocks in your way. Guess what? These blocks aren’t really there.

We put them there and we can easily get rid of them. All you need to do recognize what they are, shift your mindset, and take action. Below are common fears that get in our way and some tips on how to get over them and follow your dreams.

1. I don’t have time

Trust me, you have time. We all have time. This is one of the top excuses I always here. And it is exactly that – an excuse. This is block that we purposely put in our way to hold ourselves back. When I sit with clients and we look at how they are actually spending their day, they are amazed by how much time they can find. Start by committing 30 minutes a day. You can break it up in little segments if you want. Spend time researching, following blogs on interest, networking, and brainstorming.

2. I don’t have money

When I had my vision clear in my mind, this was the first thing I though. My dream required training, marketing, and business expenses. How in the world was I going to do that? Here is the thing. Never focus on the “HOW” just focus on the “WHAT”. Instead of saying, “I don’t have money to follow my dream” say “The universe will support me as I work towards my dream”. You will be amazed by what happens when you just start taking action. Resources started coming into my life. I also started working harder in my old job so I could make more money for this job. I sold off things I didn’t need and people came into my life that wanted to help by offering services.

3. I don’t have support

This is a common one. A lot of clients say, “My spouse won’t support it” or “My parents think I am crazy”. Here is a secret…the only person that needs to support your dream is yourself. The minute you start worrying about what others think, you have officially stepped out of your business. You are handing your dreams and destiny over to others. If you have a dream or passion you want to follow, then you need to honor yourself and do that. Go inward and get in a place of love and find ways to work towards what your little soul desires. It may mean setting loving boundaries with your loved ones. Many people did not understand my dream or vision so I actually kept it to myself for a long time. I then found a network of people to support me on my path. Once I felt strong in my decisions, I started to share with my loved ones. You need to recognize that the people in your life have experienced conditioning growing up so they will have thoughts like “That’s risky” or “You can’t do that”, etc. They are in fact loving you but they just don’t know a different way…so you need to show that it’s possible.

4. I don’t have experience or I’m not an expert

You do have experience. Your life experience. And you are an expert – in yourself. Our stories are part of our experience. And our stories are part of our purpose.  I always thought I needed a degree is Psychology and had to go back to school. However, I have 15+ years of life experience that makes me well qualified for what I do. My clients come to me because I can relate to them and I have been down a similar path. Education and knowledge comes as you go through life. There is plenty of ways to continuously be educating ourselves and gaining knowledge along the way. Look for opportunities to get into the field you want or to get the education or certification you need.

5. I don’t want to fail

No one likes to fail but guess what? You already know what it’s like to fail and it didn’t kill you. We don’t fail in life. Every experience we go through has a lesson that brings us closer to who we are and what we want. You can’t know what you want or how to do something until you try. Fear of failing is so common but as you step into your purpose and life mission this fear actually turns into fear of success. Because what would happen if it worked? What if you actually made it? Could you imagine?!?! I remember when my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer he said to me, “Kerry, I have no regrets. I have lived a great life.” Could you say that right now?  I would rather come to my end of my life and say I tried all that I ever wanted rather than say “I wish I would have _____”.

6. I am not ready

Guess what? You were born with gifts, which means you were born ready. There is no perfect time, no opportune time, no better time, etc. There is just now. You can always start where you are right now. You will never have enough money, enough time, enough experience…all of these things come as you travel down your path. The key is starting and as you nurture your passion you find more motivation, you find more time, you gain experience along the way, and you find more resources. You have no idea if you get a tomorrow – you need to start now.

7. I have a family

I wondered how I would be able to go after my dream with two young kids and a marriage to tend to. However, the best thing you can do as a parent is to show your children what it looks like to go after their dreams. How often do we ask our children what they want to be when they grow up and when they finally grow up we tell them can’t be that because they won’t make money, they need a degree, or their dream is silly? That’s societal conditioning at its finest. Our dreams aren’t silly, they are ours and they are real. We weren’t put on this earth to pay pills and do laundry all day. We have skills and gifts that are meant to be shared. Show your children what this looks like so they can grow up and be inspired to do the same.

8. There is too much competition

This is so false. There is no other “YOU” out there which means no one can compete with “YOU”. It doesn’t matter what your field is, there is always room for YOU. Focus on your uniqueness, your passions, your values, and your story. Share WHO YOU ARE with the world and you will attract the right clients. There are plenty of people in this world and they need your services just as much as they need the one down the road. Love the people you may seen as competition…they aren’t…they are working towards the same goal as you.

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