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Drop in the Bucket List Printable

I always loved bucket lists. There is something that just excites me about dreaming, planning, and setting goals. However, for some people bucket lists can stir up negative thoughts. Thoughts like, “It will never happen”, “I can’t do that”, “Yeah, I wish”, etc.

I had a client that had a hard time with bucket lists. He needed something to get him excited about the NOW. Something to keep him motivated and fueled as he sought after his big dreams. So he came up with the “Drop in the Bucket List”. On this list, he wrote all the things that he had accomplished and been through in his life. After reading his list, it completely changed his outlook. He looked back on his life and was able to say, “Wow, I have done some awesome things! Which means I can do more!”

I have stolen my client’s idea and have since used it with my students and it has been a huge hit! I have used it as an icebreaker activity in group sessions as well and it’s just awesome. Students fill up their list and then are encouraged to hang it or keep in somewhere to remind them of their amazingness.

Want to see an example list? Here’s mine:

I gave birth – naturally and c-section

I had 12 screws and a plate in my ankle and still play soccer

I experienced and transcended loss (lots of it)

I jumped off a 60 ft cliff in Greece

I wrestled with an octopus with my dad

I have 2 TV segments

I wrote a newspaper column

I was captain of the boys soccer team in hs and was all area and all conference

I’ve backpacked Europe

I played soccer in Europe

I’ve connected with my dad and my baby in the afterlife

I survived the “death dive” (a scuba dive where a diver died and the rest of us almost did too)

I witnessed my father’s last breath

I lived in Spain

I wrote 3 books

I modeled in a magazine

I walked the catwalk

I was in a few commercials

I am a motivational speaker

I scored the winning goal on a header off a corner kick

I dove with eagle rays, sharks, turtles and lots of other sea life

I got stung on the face by hundreds of jelly fish during a night dive

I have been on the jumbo tron at Lambeau Field

I have been in national newspapers for dressing up in crazy costumes at Lambeau

I owned and operated 3 companies

I finished 2 Tough Mudders

I played rugby in college

I learned to play tennis in 3 days and was #1 singles

I went to state for track

I was a national honor student

I have known what it is like to want to die and know what it is like to truly want to live

I have owned houses and cars

I have supported someone through cancer

I reported in a helicopter

I am a certified life coach and personal trainer

I coach youth soccer

I taught people to love themselves

I learned to love my body

I learned to love myself

I am a Godmother

I an awesome aunt

I owned 23 bunnies

I fell in love

I learned to heal

I learned to say I am sorry

I found my authentic self

I found a higher power

I teach classes

I learned to breathe

I learned to quiet my mind

I learned to think positive

I graduated high school and college

I am a graduate student

I managed a business

I found my purpose

I learned to forgive

I learned to celebrate instead of compare

I found patience

I learned to fall asleep

I healed sexual assaults

I learned to self-motivate

I learned to love my bullies

I learned to open my mind

I got electrocuted

I got my finger sewed back on

I went through 8 surgeries

i learned to downhill ski at 18 months

I know CPR

I can feel people’s emotions

I can “visualize” the future

I can multitask like no other

I can flip my eyelids

I got a perfect score on my health risk assessment

I got off all anti-psychotic meds when I was told I couldn’t

I can start a killer dance party

I can still do handstands

I can do lots of cartwheels in row (once went off a dock and landed on a duck)

I lived in Europe for 8 months

I left my family for a month to “heal” in treatment

I planned my dad’s service

I planned 4 friend’s weddings

I made an awesome outdoor theater that my husband sets up all the time

I have creative vision that rocks when my husband just listens

I can sing awesomely in the shower and in the car

I let love win all the time.

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Drop in the Bucket List Printable