The more fruits and vegetables you get in your diet the happier and healthier you will  be.  And the magic number is 7! A study shows that people who had seven portions of fruits and vegetables a day lowered their risk of death by 42%. So here are 7 ways to get 7 portions in your diet daily:
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1. See Good Food, Eat Good Food

I talk about this one all the time. I can’t stress it enough. It really is the the simplest way to fuel your body with the good stuff. Buy more good stuff and less bad stuff. Then actually make sure that you SEE the healthy foods. I keep a fruit bowl stocked on the counter. Fill clear containers with nuts and produce. Make your fridge bright and colorful. Make sure your fruits and veggies don’t have to compete for your attention. You are going to want to grab for salty and sweets first, so limit those.

2. Fill Half the Plate

This concept is really easy. Any time you eat, fill half your plate with fruits and veggies. The USDA replaced their food pyramid with this concept and I think it is super simple. Make fruits and veggies the main focus of your meal by filling up half of your plate and you don’t have to do any math or measurements. Plus, it adds lots of color to your meal!

3. Prep and Prepare

The minute you get home from the grocery store, grab the cutting board and clear containers and cut your produce up right away! I store in clear containers on the shelves in the fridge so I immediately see them when I open the fridge. It makes for easy grabbing and snacking as well as saves me money because food never goes to waste and always gets gobbled up.

4. Never Leave Home Without It

This is a really good way to keep healthy food on hand and on the go. Whenever you leave the house, always make sure you grab a healthy snack. I make snack bags full of carrots, celery, and grapes so I can grab on the go. I also fill my fruit bowl with these like apples, bananas, nectarines, and oranges so I can carry these with me.

5. Short and Simply Shopping

I go to the grocery store 2-3 times week and make them short and simple. There is nothing worse than an overwhelming trip to a giant grocery store. Plan meals and shop local and fresh. Short and simple is way more successful.

6. Eat the Rainbow

The more color you can get in your diet, the better. All those bright, fresh fruits and veggies are all jam-packed with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. I literally ate my way to happiness by eating good foods after reading The Food-Mood Solution.

7. Sneak it in

A great way to get more fruits and veggies in is to sneak it in. I throw spinach, kale, or celery in my morning smoothies. Puree veggies and put in sauces. Layer in lasagna or throw in pasta dishes. Throw some spinach and veggies in your eggs. There are endless ideas – here is a great link.