There is only one guaranteed investment in life - YOU


An investment in you is an investment in others.

Have you ever invested in an extra hour of sleep only to feel amazing the next day? Or invested in a personal trainer or workout class and felt energized and strong?
There is no risk when you put yourself first - it will always pay off. When you are healthy and happy, those around you also will be. 

Our mission here at Simply Kerry is to share our tools and deliver results. 

Our process is not only changing the lives of our clients, it is also changing the lives of their families, businesses, and friendships. Hundreds of clients from all over the world are using the Simply Kerry Process to follow their purpose, create meaningful relationships, build businesses, and shine their light. Their results have surpassed what we have ever imagined and we want to extend this opportunity to you in an exclusive invitation to our FULL TRANSFORMATION PROCESS!

We want nothing more than to help people create change and we know exactly what it takes. We have created the FULL TRANSFORMATION PROCESS as the answer to what we believe people need to fully be equipped to live authentically and purposefully. 

In this class you will: 

>>> Reconnect with who you truly are and are meant to be <<<
>>> Rediscover your gifts and passions <<<
>>> Remove obstacles and fears that get in your way <<<
>>> Learn coping strategies and techniques so you can heal yourself ANYTIME <<<
>>> Learn to set healthy & loving boundaries so you can stay balanced <<<
>>> Eliminate negative thinking and false beliefs <<<
>>> Build healthy relationships <<<
>>> Learn easy wellness tips you can implement daily <<<
>>> Learn how to love yourself and teach your kids to do the same <<<
>>> Connect with other amazing people on the same path <<<
>>> Be in a safe, healthy, and motivating environment <<<
>>> Create a profitable and passionate work environment <<<
>>> Learn to make income from doing what you love <<<
>>> Find true inner joy <<<

You do not need to change who you are, you simply need to BE who you are. We can help you do that!

We've been there!!! We were students, too!  We created this course based on our own experiences and knowledge with the intention of making your journey a lot easier. We simplified life, changed priorities, and found peace. We created a simple and powerful process to keeping the self in balance. This transformational process takes people places they didn’t know were possible. Our process, which blends science and spirituality, removes barriers, rebuilds the brain, and guides people to functional elevation and excellence.​​​​​​​


   • 30 weeks of Private Group Coaching
   • Weekly lessons, activities, and accountability
   • Weekly Facebook Live videos from coaches
   • Weekly progress check-ins in private Facebook forum
   • Ongoing support for the duration of the process
   • Lifetime access to all course videos and materials
   • A supportive tribe of students and coaches 
   • Flexible payment plans

Total for the FULL Transformation: $6,000 - (That's about $28 a day for a team of life coaches for 30 weeks!)

*** Flexible Payment Plans Available ***


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Read below to see what some of our past students have said
"Kerry was primarily instrumental in helping me find my purpose and follow my passions (amidst all of the doubt and fear).  This process and the 1-on-1 sessions following the courses have helped me face my fears, stay the course, knock down walls and keep following my dream to be a true healer of my patients."

Lynn K. Wagner, MD
My eyes are wide open. I get what life is about now.
I care about life and the Transformation Process gets you there. It is doing something for you and you will reap the benefits for the rest of your life! If I didn’t take the course, I don’t know where I would be. I am grateful for each day!
- Nicole Brown, Niurse Practitioner
Jill Lemke
Intuitive Healer
Kerry asks tough questions, she gives you the space to feel your way around and grow, but continues to stay next to you as you navigate your first few steps.

When you are ready to sprint…she’s like “GAME ON!” and she’s running with you. She’s amazing. Self reflection and soul expansion.

This is YOUR story. She’ll help you write your past, assist you in reconciling with your tough spots, and give you tools to write your future the way YOU WANT IT!

Delaney Francis
Student and Blogger
I am so passionate about this process and program. Before I signed up, I was scared and lost, but hopeful and willing. I have completely done a 180 since taking Kerry’s class! I took the leap. I took a class and made an investment in myself. I decided to wake up and start living!  
Still not sure...check out these transformations below!